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This may sound redundant but I am pleased to say Larry is doing well; no side effects from his medications. Me, however am having a bit of challenge getting my pre-travel brain back. I think it has been so full of everything from our travels that it has crowded out all that I had stored up there for work. Add to that preparing for the holidays and you'll see I'm somewhat in a DAZE.

Clink.....clink, clink, clink. 
That's the sound of Larry playing horseshoes once again. He started back last week and although he didn't win as many games as he may have liked I was glad to see him getting back to some of his favorite activities.

This coming Friday he will have his 3rd infusion. He does pretty well with those and that's because he gets to sit in a comfortable recliner which heats up and vibrates to relax him. Off to dreamland he goes. I get to sit on a not so comfortable chair like all the other dedicated care givers. It's quite a sobering setting actually as you look around the room which has about 20-24 recliners with people receiving infusions for some type of cancer.

It makes you wonder what's going on that cancer is so prevalent within our population? It should make us look at what we're eating, how we are preparing it and what we're exposing our bodies to as well.

We're eating differently these days; juicing and learning how to use our Vitamix. This little item was our Christmas gift to each other. If you have a good recipe for a good smoothie I'm game. Green glop-I don't mind the green color, I just prefer it taste good. Somethings I still prefer to chew than drink.

Thinking differently about what we eat, taking the time and having the discipline to prepare good stuff won't come easy. As I walked through Target the other day I was tempted to get some less than nutritious food. Buying good organic food is more expensive but paying for cancer treatments are even more so. It's a blessing to live with Trader Joe's just outside our front door. Eating fresh and simple food is definitely more satisfying and amazingly more filling than what I thought it would. It's really a matter of changing the way I look, think and feel (emotionally) about food.

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