We now have a date for Larry's consultation appointment on December 2nd. It's been a long road getting to this place, but here we are. We will fly out on Monday, December 1st, but we're still waiting to hear about our lodging arrangements. We won't be held back if we don't hear anything, we'll simply make some other temporary arrangements.

Larry continues to feel fine; no pain, no lack of strength, eating and sleeping well, still working. We continue to be encouraged and strengthened each day. That's not to say there isn't a battle against worry and discouragement. We've had a lot of support from our children, people from work and even acquaintances.

Today, while out shopping I talked with 3 sales ladies at J C Penney's. One young sales lady took time to listen when her co-worker told her we'd be traveling but it was for medical reasons. One shared her own troubles about being dropped by her insurance company. We talked of how you have to do your own research about medical matters these days.

Diane, one of the other sales lady, a cheerful, pleasant woman, whom I've gotten to know a little over recent months, listened intently to what's happening in my life. She expressed her best wishes and asked for the name of our fundraiser page and our blog page. With a warm hug from her I left the store. I can't tell you how encouraging that was. All this goes to show you how far a little kindness and taking the time to listen will go. In fact, I go to that particular J C Penney's because of her even if I don't need anything from her particular department. I think she deserves a raise!

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