Today we met with 3 doctors (and several other staff people): Dr. Burzynski, Dr. Deleon and Dr. Yi, Oncologist. This was a productive meeting. Larry asked them to give their opinion on the size of the lump on his neck. They responded that they have seen much much larger lumps. Most of the patients they see come after they've gone through chemotherapy or radiation or a combination and the cancer has come back with a vengeance (my word.) These patients are much sicker therefore by the time they come to the clinic. Larry's overall good health is a definite plus in this scenario.

We have chosen to do a treatment that includes an infusion every three weeks along with a couple other of oral medications. Once it's established here that he has no reaction to these he will be able to continue the treatment in Minnesota. Dr. Deleon will be his case management doctor along with a doctor at home.

He will have a physical tomorrow and a PET scan later this week since it's been a couple months since his last one of these. We have also chosen to have a tissue sample sent to Boston where they will find out which genes are causing the cancer. That will give us a lot of good information.

Other than the long day of flying, sitting, flying and driving (getting REALLY lost) yesterday we are doing well. I had to chuckle to  myself as I was watching the weather Monday night. The weather man was telling parents that tomorrow they should bundle up there children as they waited for the bus, it was only going to be 45 degrees. Considering the temps when we left home I'll take a couple weeks of 45 degrees in early December.  We're still waiting for the Texas sunshine to appear, but we aren't complaining.

Thanks to all you who put together the bag of little presents number for each day of December. We have in faith left some at home with hope we will be home in time to unwrap them. The added scripture verses are the best part of the gifts.

Thanks also for the texts messages saying you're praying. We can tell very much that you are. While in meeting after meeting, I kept being reminded that this is a long term situation and we won't wake up tomorrow and find we're just visiting Houston. It was like a marathon with so much information coming at us. It's a bit like riding a scary ride at the amusement park and wanting to get off but you can't. Yet in our case we are being kept at peace through it all. Our peace comes
by the unchangeable truth that our God and Father will not fail nor forsake us.

Present #2 scripture: Psalm 34:4  I sought the Lord and He delivered me from my fears.

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